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We are always extremely happy to be able to share our and our partners’ achievements. Below you will find examples of the dedication, involvement, donations, and activities that reflect the love and care with which we surround the elderly.






We’re pleased to announce that spring has sprung at the Grace Dart Extended Care Centre! How do we know? Though the mercury still refuses to rise, our recreation organizer Sophie Hatin is working on spring Easter decorations for the Molson…



The family room at the Grace Dart Extended Care Centre is beautiful and brand-new! Spring is just around the corner, and we’re busy scrubbing and rearranging the family room on the 3rd floor on the CH west side. The family…

salle familiale_02

As a volunteer, we see first-hand the work the Foundation does to support the activities and individual needs of the residents. Our first thought is to seek assistance from the Foundation and we have never been disappointed. In this time of tight budgets and constrains, the Foundation is a blessing. They also support the recreation department with the café corner and the beautiful decorations are the courtesy of the Foundation.

Marjorie Erechuk, volunteer for 31 years

I would like to thank you on behalf of the residents and myself for everything you do for us.
You cover everything that the government does not pay for, such as zoo therapy, music therapy and all the other activities that are appreciated by all the residents.

John Brkich, resident for more than 42 years and President of the Users’ Committee

I joined the Board of the Grace Dart Foundation because I wanted to help make a difference in the care of the frail and institutionalized elderly. As a Psychologist, former Head Nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, and former Nurse Consultant at the Montclair Residence, I worked with aging patients who suffered from lack of support, whether it was family, financial, psychological, medical, or any combination thereof. The entire world is dealing with an aging population, which will affect not only how we age, but the economy as a whole. Investing in the health and happiness of the aging population makes both social and economic sense. Thankfully the Grace Dart Foundation has the well-being of the elderly at heart and works hard to provide a warm and personal environment to this important segment of our society.

Moira Edwards, honorable membre (posthumous)

Since August 2016, my husband is a resident at the Grace Dart Extended Care Centre. I am seven days a week at the Centre. I observed that recreation has a very positive impact on residents. The days of activities, be it games, music or songs, we see the smiles, the eyes that light up. Residents are eager to participate, they learn new things, use iPads ... For some, these are real discoveries, for others, they are friendships that are forged ... Please give generously to the Grace Dart Foundation for continuing this good work.

Victoria Yetman, spouse of a resident
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