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Step 1: Information gathering

Before investing time and energy in preparing an application, you will need a good indicator of how well your project matches the objectives and criteria of the Foundation. Read carefully all terms and conditions associated with our funding applications, especially the description of ineligible projects and activities.

Step 2: Submission

You must send the following to the Foundation no later than July 31st of the current year. Go on the Foundation’s website under the Achievements tab and click on Apply.

You will find in the application form for funding details and a set of documents to attach to your application. It is very important not to forget the additional documents, as incomplete applications will not be considered.

Step 3: Eligibility

Your request will be subject to a preliminary analysis to determine its eligibility based on the following aspects:

• Alignment with the mission, objectives and principles of the Foundation
• The completeness of the information required

Any organization that has sent an application not deemed eligible will receive a written notification with an explanation.

Step 4: Project assessment

If your application is deemed eligible, the Foundation will conduct an analysis.

Half a dozen people from the community or who work in fields of expertise relevant to the analysis of each project assist the Foundation with this task. These experts advise the Foundation on the relevance, feasibility and sustainability of the projects.

The Foundation also requests assistance from a team of chartered accountants in making the final project selection based on the Foundation’s development and mission.

Step 5 : Selection

The analyzed applications are submitted to the Foundation’s selection committee, who reviews them individually on the basis of merit.

Approved applications are generally those that best reflect the Foundation’s mission, objectives and principles, until the Foundation’s yearly funds have been exhausted.

The selection committee’s choice is presented at the November meeting of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, or at its December meeting following the deadline. You will be notified in writing of the Foundation’s decision regarding your application. Applications rejected by the Board may be resubmitted by the next deadline.

Step 6: Agreement and implementation

After a project has been approved by the Foundation’s Board of Directors, a funding agreement is signed by the parties, binding the agreement between the Grace Dart Foundation and the grant applicant. This agreement establishes the participation conditions of the parties and specifically, their respective responsibilities.

This agreement thus becomes a contract binding the two parties and defines the terms and conditions under which the organization will carry out the project. Any organization submitting an application to the Foundation must therefore read beforehand, the standard contract that will be signed if its project is accepted. An acceptance in principle by the Foundation’s Board of Directors’, of an organization’s submitted project, does not oblige the Foundation to sign a funding agreement with that organization, if the latter has not accepted its terms and conditions within reasonable time after being informed of the Board’s favourable opinion.

The project must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the agreement signed between the parties. The organization may entrust all or part of the project to a third party. However, as signatory to the agreement, it remains solely responsible for the project and consequently, the exclusive contact for the Foundation.

Step 7: Auditing

Furthermore, a site visit may also be carried out by the Foundation to confirm project compliance.

The monitoring of the project must be in accordance with that prescribed in the financing agreement signed by both parties.



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