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The time has come to submit your donation request.

Questions et responses

1. What information is required in order to make a donation request?

Your donation request must be filled out using the online form found on the Grace Dart Foundation website, and include the following information :

    • Your website address.
    • Your CRA charity number.
    • Your association with an Integrated University Health and Social Services Centre (IUHSSC) – commonly known as CIUSSS or a Centre intégré de santé et des services sociaux (CISSS).
    • Your financial status : public, private or, contractual institution.
    • The name and coordinates of the Director or person responsible for your organization.
    • Your project description must include the following :
      • A brief description of your organization. Your purpose, mission, values, as well as a brief description of your activities and accomplishments.
      • Your project objective or objectives.
      • The beneficiaries or those who will be impacted.
      • The amount requested.
      • An overall budget for the use of the donated funds.
      • All other subsidies or major donations received for this same project.
      • The name and contact information of the person responsible for this project.
    • Please provide the following documents in pdf format, if not available on your website
      • Your financial statements
      • Your annual reports
      • Your organizational chart (example : list of Directors, membes of your Board of Directors and/or of your staff).

2. What types of files can I attach to the online application form?

The Grace Dart Foundation will accept files in pdf format, you are allowed to include three files with the form, including financial statements and annual reports (only if they are not available on your website).

3. What are the Foundation’s areas of interest?

In keeping with its mission and values, The Grace Dart Foundation, with more than 150 years of history, provides love and care to the community of Greater Montreal by supporting a warm and personal living environment for the well-being of elderly and the disadvantaged.

4. Who can apply for a donation?

The Grace Dart Foundation makes gifts only to qualified recipients recognized under the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

5. What is the deadline for submitting applications for 2021?

The deadline for submitting your application is November 4th, 2020 at 5 pm.

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